September 08, 2016

Making your computer work for you: Citations and bibliographies

In the 'Making your computer work for you' series, Stephen Kuntz, Associate Director of Writing Resources at the Student Success Centre, shares the features of your computer that can make writing and studying easier.

Computers cannot write for you, but they can help make tasks in writing easier. Your word processing software can do a lot of work for you, and learning as much as you can about it helps to set you up for successful writing.

Did you know, for example, that WORD has a References feature that will do the following:
  1. Put your references in appropriate and correct citation format, be it APA, MLA, or Chicago (and others). No more guessing or trying to copy examples.
  2. Manage your sources. More careful managing of sources can prevent inadvertent plagiarism.
  3. Create a bibliography for you when you are done—yes, that’s right. You don’t have to spend time making a bibliography if you entered the information correctly.