August 27, 2016

Make it amazing - U of A Undergrad Orientation

If you are a new U of A undergrad, the Undergraduate Student Orientation can help make your first year outstanding. Nicole Kielkowicz, undergrad student and former communications coordinator for new student Orientation shares six reasons why you should register.
Welcome! You are finally here at the next phase of your life's journey — university. As you begin to daydream about what life will be like, let me share with you what I have learned during my time at the U of A. 

University is a place of growth, a place to challenge yourself and a place to learn about the world. It is also a big location with a lot of things to know about. Some things can be quickly learned on your own, like which buildings your classes are in or where the shortest morning coffee lines are. But for many, campus information is easier to learn when you have someone sharing their advice and wisdom. 

That’s why we recommend attending Orientation 
 so you can learn all the ins and outs of being a U of A undergrad student. After spending the day with us, you will be equipped with more knowledge, insights and information about the U of A than you thought possible. However, if you still aren’t convinced...