January 07, 2016

Communicating with your professors

Every student will have questions for their professor during the school year. Wendy Doughty, Director of the U of A Student Success Centre, shares how to best communicate with your professors within different scenarios. 

As you are in the midst of assignments and studying, you are likely to have questions about the material in front of you. While chatting with a classmate may be useful, your best option is to go directly to the source — your professors. Even a short conversation with an instructor can give you the advice you need to do well on an assignment or test. But, how do you communicate well with an instructor, or make the most of an office hours visit? Here are four scenarios you might find yourself in and advice on how to communicate effectively with your professor.

High Impact Study Strategies

We know that doing well academically involves time and effort, but students often ask “what’s the one thing I can do to improve my academic performance?” Though there is not one single thing, making high impact changes at the beginning of a new term can make a significant difference. Mebbie Bell, associate director of learning resources with the Student Success Centre, shares five high impact strategies for kick-starting your term.

Exercise for your academics

What are two new years resolutions many students make? To exercise more and do better in class. Sharon Stearns, student learning advisor with the Student Success Centre, shares advice for how to accomplish both goals this semester.

While the beginning of the term can be chaotic as you adjust to new classes, professors, and expectations, it is also the best time to plan your months ahead. A bit of time devoted to organization now will help you to stay on top of your academic goals and ensure that you make time for other life priorities like sleep, socializing, and exercise throughout the term. We all know that exercise is a healthy habit to keep, but it often is the first sacrifice we make as the semester gets busy — here are some reasons (and ways) to make sure it’s a commitment you keep!