August 27, 2016

Make it amazing - U of A Undergrad Orientation

If you are a new U of A undergrad, the Undergraduate Student Orientation can help make your first year outstanding. Nicole Kielkowicz, undergrad student and former communications coordinator for new student Orientation shares six reasons why you should register.
Welcome! You are finally here at the next phase of your life's journey — university. As you begin to daydream about what life will be like, let me share with you what I have learned during my time at the U of A. 

University is a place of growth, a place to challenge yourself and a place to learn about the world. It is also a big location with a lot of things to know about. Some things can be quickly learned on your own, like which buildings your classes are in or where the shortest morning coffee lines are. But for many, campus information is easier to learn when you have someone sharing their advice and wisdom. 

That’s why we recommend attending Orientation 
 so you can learn all the ins and outs of being a U of A undergrad student. After spending the day with us, you will be equipped with more knowledge, insights and information about the U of A than you thought possible. However, if you still aren’t convinced...
The top six reasons why you should attend Orientation:

6. There will be free food.
Something every student can relate to — free food, which will be provided Orientation morning and in the evening. In early September, free food will be abundant on campus and you will find yourself at many cool events because of it. So, let’s share your first free meal at the U of A together. 

5. You won’t get lost on campus (as much).
Getting lost on campus is one of the biggest fears new students have when attending university. Students often say they feel “small”, and that campus is too big. Beat this fear by getting to know your campus. Your orientation leaders can even show you where your classes are so that you don’t have to search for them yourself. 

4. Get advice from current U of A students.
Speaking of orientation leaders, you won’t have just one, but two or three! These 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-year students will be able to share their tips and advice with you regarding academics, campus life, or anything you may have questions about. They can also answer any questions you might have about your first year here.  

3. Understand your student services.
Yes, you might not think you’ll need all these services, but the student services on campus will change your life. You will learn about all of the amazing student supports we have on campus, where they are, and how to access them. If you are wondering how to get started on volunteer experience or an internship opportunity, worrying about balancing life and school, or stressing about personal concerns, there is someone on campus who can help you.

2. See the university community come together.
From the U of A President to faculty Deans, to hundreds of current students, Orientation is one the only time in the year where everyone comes out to create a welcome experience that is out of this world. Everywhere you look, there are new friendships building, traditions being shared, singing (or yelling), and all throughout is the excitement and pride for our awesome University. Possibly the most magical experience you can have during your first year is the annual Presidents’ Address promenade and rally. 

1. Meet new people.
Orientation allows you to meet people who are in the exact same boat as you — nervous about university, excited for new beginnings, and ready to make lifelong friends. Many people remain friends throughout their degree, and  making friends is one of the best things you can do to have a great first year. 

Be a bear, and find out at Orientation how you want to live your U of A life.

If you haven’t already registered for Orientation, you should do so now  it will be one of the best decisions you make as a new U of A student. You won’t regret sharing your excitement and enthusiasm with 5000 fellow students as you begin your new journey this fall.

More information on orientation programs and events happening around campus can be found hereIf you have any questions regarding Orientation, email