September 22, 2014

Careers Day is just around the corner...

School might have only just started (and this might be hard to believe), but the fall season is the most popular recruiting time for employers. That's why on Wednesday, September 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CAPS will host Careers Day, the largest career fair on campus. If you are graduating in April, or in your first few years of university and are exploring your career options, it's a great event to attend.

Careers Day will see over 200 employers coming to the Butterdome to meet with YOU. The fair is for students studying in all disciplines, and is a great way to connect with employers from organizations and industries you are interested in, and also get a job. Here are some tips for making the most out of the day.

We asked every employer that registered:
What is the coolest thing about working
for your organization? 
1. Research the employers attending Careers Day
You can view a list and see ‘Who’s Hiring Who’ on the CAPS website and identify your top choices. Also pick out some employers hiring for your discipline that you want to learn more about.

2. Polish your resume (we have loads of tips and sample resumes on our website), update your LinkedIn profile, and manage your online presence
Employers might ask for your resume or your LinkedIn information. You want to be sure that you are presenting your strengths and skills in the most effective manner. Come to our Rapid Resume Review session on Monday, September 22 from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. for a free, professional review!

3. Practice your elevator speech. 
Who you are, what you study, your skills, the kind of work you hope to do, your passion, and your experiences.

4. Make a good first impression. 
Opt for clean, business casual clothing - don’t wear what you wore to the gym earlier in the day. Shake the employer's hand and prepare to ask them questions about the positions they are offering. 

5. Give yourself enough time to walk through the Fair. 
Practice your elevator speech with a few employers before you connect with your top choices to work out your nerves. Take time to learn about the employers you are interested in, and challenge yourself to explore an employer you may have never considered. You never know what might spark your interest!

6. Come to our 'Making Careers Day Work For You' session.
Learn valuable tips on how to prepare for and present yourself at this pre-Careers Day event.

Careers Day only happens once every year, so don’t miss it! If you are looking for more career advice you can visit our website or contact us at