August 15, 2014

U of A Undergrad Orientation: A Great Place to Start!

Edward Spink, USD Coordinator with Orientation 2014 shares how the Orientation experience can help you make the most of your transition into university life. 
“Where are my classes?”
“Will I meet people?”
“Why is my mom cooler than I am?”
If you’re new to the University of Alberta, chances are you have at least one of these questions on your mind. Look no further for the answers --  this is where Orientation comes in.

Orientation is a great opportunity to learn about your new school from academic, administrative and social perspectives. As you integrate into campus life and the university procedures, you will: make new friends, get to know the different groups on campus, find out where your classes are, and decide how you want to live your U of A life. We have great presentations, tours, and activities lined up for you to learn about all of these things!

Orientation 2014 Guide

You might have received the lovely Orientation guide in your (e)mail recently.

Now, while you may be tempted to stay home for the last two days before the start of your new journey, you really should attend Orientation instead.

Do you have to attend? No.

Should you attend? Absolutely. If you want to make the most of this transition into university life, this is your chance.

Here are some reasons why you should attend Orientation:

1. You get to meet other people.

Regardless if you’re coming from a small or a large high school, it’ll be an interesting adjustment coming to a campus with more than 33,000 people.

Meeting people at Orientation makes the world all that much smaller. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other people in your faculty, and there’s a strong chance these people will even be in your classes. It’s a great feeling to be able to walk across campus and see so many people you know.

2. You get an Orientation Leader.

You’ll probably have a lot of questions about University. Your Orientation Leaders are more than just tour guides. They've experienced the late nights of studying and they know where all the cool campus study spots are. If you need that personal touch for University advice, your Orientation Leaders are here for you.

3.You’ll get a campus tour.

“I see ‘T B 64’ on my class schedule, where is it?”

Simply put, a campus tour is the best way to get acquainted with your new home. This tour is tailored to your faculty, so you’ll a chance to see all of the important buildings.
Presidents' Address 2013

4. You will get pumped up for the year at the Presidents’ Address.

Presidents’ Address closes off the second day of Orientation. Here you’ll get to hear from the presidents of the University, Students’ Union and Alumni Association. You’ll also get to see all of the other new students in one central location. There’s cheering, performances and awesome prizes to be won. It may sound crazy, but the energy at Presidents’ Address is absolutely unreal. After this event, you’ll be pumped to start University .

If you’re not already convinced about Orientation, you should register for it anyways. You just might discover an even better reason to attend.

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