April 28, 2014

Student Success Centre Study Strategies: Active Reading

Dreading the amount of reading that comes with many courses? The U of A Student Success Centre's Mebbie Bell shares advice to improve your active reading skills.

The most common complaint I hear from university students is that they get bored (really bored!) with the mountains of reading they have to complete. They spent hours reading only to feel they have not learned much of anything, read the same page over and over, or struggle to distinguish what’s important in long, detailed texts. Students spend a lot of time reading and getting frustrated, but you can approach your reading in ways that are less painful and much more productive. 

 You want to read actively: aim do something while you read instead of staring at the page. Active reading is deliberate and selective, and helps you learn material more quickly. Whether you’re tackling a class textbook or a stack of research articles, try these strategies:

April 03, 2014

The Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant

Amy Roy Gratton, the Experiential Learning Coordinator at CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre shares information about the Green and Gold Grant and how to make the most of your leadership experience.

Need a little green to invest in yourself and your future?

As summer approaches many students feel a sense of relief and renewal as they focus on goals for the next academic year, planning to be more dedicated and engaged in the next term. If this sounds familiar, and you are seeking opportunities to improve your leadership and citizenship skills, the U of A wants to help you by funding professional development or leadership activities during the summer - helping you to become a leader in your future profession.

The Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant (Green and Gold Grant) is administered by CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre and focuses on professional and leadership development of all students – regardless of it being the start of their leadership journey or at the peak. The Grant is open to all students – including international and graduate students - and all disciplines. We want to invest in you, your future, your education and your career.