February 25, 2013

We have a Dean of Students!?

That's ok, there's probably a lot of people in the same boat. The roles and responsibilities of senior administrators are likely not high on the priority list of many students, let along who those people are, and that's just fine.

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Frank Robinson is the current Vice-Provost and Dean of Students. He's a 3M teaching award winner and professor from Agriculture and Life Sciences; if you asked him, he might tell you he's a chicken gynecologist and researcher by training. But he's a teacher at heart and more well-known for the innovative There's-a-Heifer-in-Your-Tank program that makes inquiry-based learning for undergraduate students fun and engaging. While his administrative duties are a full-time gig, Dean Robinson insists on teaching a first-year course every year.

February 07, 2013

The Online Renovation

Hello, and welcome to the new blog from the Dean of Students at the University of Alberta!

It's part of our big, ongoing project to renovate the online space for student services at the U of A. We're starting with the Dean of Students (DoS) site and working out from there.

There's lots to do and lots to talk about when it comes to student services at the U of A.